About us


Walk & Talk offers regular short walks in the Borough of Broxtowe. They give you the chance to improve your health, make new friends and get to know the local environment. 


Walk & Talk offers different types of walks, so that you can find a walk suitable for you. You can download our brochure from the home page.


Short Walks

Between 45 minutes and one hour. Good surfaces on a fairly fl at route with no stiles. They are suitable for newcomers to physical activity.


Longer Walks

Up to 90 minutes, along a mixture of canal towpaths, lanes, footpaths and public rights of way across fi elds. Surfaces may be uneven or muddy in places, there may be slopes and some stiles. Please wear appropriate footwear for the conditions.

Walking works

If you find it difficult to get active, why not start walking? It's really easy to get started, you don't need any special equipment - and best of all it counts towards your recommended amount of physical activity.


Walking can improve your health, your happiness and, if you join one of our groups, it will give you the chance to explore the outdoors, get to know your local area and meet new people.


This video highlights just a few of the benefits that thousands of people across the country get from walking.